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Mars Planet Foundation helps to provide unique educational opportunities that are not part of the current curriculum. With Teaching  Grants students are able to maximize learning initiatives.

2018-2019 Education Improvement Tax Credit


Mars Planet Foundation facilitates the management, selection process and awarding of scholarships.  We host the Annual Academic Banquet where we recognize the outstanding Juniors and Seniors of the Mars Area School District

​      ​Enhance

  • Project Based learning initiatives
  • Educational Speakers
  • Leadership Courses
  • Robotics Workshops
  • Offsite Field Analytics

We just received our approval as an Educational Improvement Organization (EIO) for the 2018-2019 school year, however there is a delay in updating the DCED website with organizations that have been approved for the upcoming year.  We can begin to reach out and ask for donations so that organizations can begin to get there Tax Credits.

The Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program provides tax credits to eligible businesses contributing to scholarship organizations (including pre-kindergarten scholarship organizations) and educational improvement organizations, in order to promote expanded educational opportunities for students in Pennsylvania.


The educational improvement organization would be the “Mars Planet Foundation” for the Mars Area School District. This program requires the Department of Revenue to give Pennsylvania businesses tax credits if they make a contribution to a scholarship organization or an educational improvement organization. 


To qualify for this tax credit, businesses must donate cash, personal property, or services to a scholarship or educational improvement organizations. The amount of tax credit that a business receives is dependent on the type of entity to which they made a donation. 


For more information, send an email to


The Mars Planet Foundation would like to thank MSA for it's generous support of the Mars Planet Foundation with a donation to the EITC program.

A group from MSA stopped by to get a tour of our schools to get an idea of how technology plays a huge role in our students lives. We have a fantastic STEAM program that will be bolstered by the generosity of great organizations like MSA.


The Mars Planet Foundation would like to thank Nextier Bank for the generous donation to our foundation in support of our 2018 PA EITC Program.

​Please visit to see how they continually help support the communities that they are in.  Please feel free to thank them on their various Social Media outlets as well.