November 27th is the #GiveBigPittsburgh Day of

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Welcome to the Mars Planet Foundation!

​Upcoming Events

​      ​Enhance

  • Project Based learning initiatives
  • Educational Speakers
  • Leadership Courses
  • Robotics Workshops
  • Offsite Field Analytics


Mars Planet Foundation helps to provide unique educational opportunities that are not part of the current curriculum. With Teaching  Grants students are able to maximize learning initiatives.

9/18/2018 - Tues - 6:30PM

Mars Planet Foundation Board Meeting - District Office

Tuesday 11/20 - 6:30PM

Mars Planet Foundation

Enrich. Enhance. Support.


Mars Planet Foundation facilitates the management, selection process and awarding of scholarships.  We host the Annual Academic Banquet where we recognize the outstanding Juniors and Seniors of the Mars Area School District

Our mission is simple: 

Mars Planet Foundation is dedicated to enriching, enhancing and supporting Mars Area School District's endeavor in providing a challenging educational experience that maximizes the learning potential of every student and prepares them to succeed in the 21st Century.